Amann RO 015 Poly Cotton Very Heavy Upholstery type Sewing Thread Tex 200, 1400m

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Amann RO 015 Poly Cotton Blend Gloss Finished- Tex 200, 1400m

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The best multi functional thread which you can possibly find anywhere on earth! The cotton wrapping on the outside provides a more natural soft look, finished with a glossy coating which protects the threads from unwinding.

The ticket 15 thickness is a heavier thread and can be used on walking foot machine. (Check machine specs)

  • Ticket: 15
  • Tex: 200
  • 1400m
  • Recommended needle size: 160 - 200


  • Shoes
  • Belts
  • Leather furniture, jackets, etc
  • Heavy General Sewing
  • Other heavier work


  • Polished finish holds the fibers together which minimizes fluffing
  • Soft feel finish from the cotton fibers as opposed to polyester plastic feel.
  • The cotton wrap protects the polyester core from melting under the needle heat generated during high speed sewing
  • In wet conditions, the cotton wrap also swells to close the gaps made by the needle holes to prevent leakage
  • Has minimal elasticity which is useful for applications which require the material to stay in shape

    Other Sizes in the Amann Rasant Range

     Product Finish Ticket / Tex
    Thinnest Rasant 75 Matte 75 / 40
    Rasant 50 Matte 50 / 60
    Rasant Oxella 35 Glossed 35 / 80
    Thickest Rasant Oxella 25 Glossed 25 / 120
    Rasant Oxella 15 Glossed 15 / 200

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