Coats Firefly M-Aramid Fire Retardant Thread. Ticket: 075 Tex: 040 5000m

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Coats Firefly is made with spun 100% meta-aramid, offering outstanding protection against heat and flame up to 371°C.

Fire resistant protective garments require the highest level of security and durability to protect fire fighters, industrial workers and military combat personnel. Coats Firefly is a flame resistant sewing thread made from 100% spun meta aramid fiber using a vertically integrated aramid manufacturing system and is uniquely engineered to provide exceptional flame / heat and electric arc resistance. Coats Firefly is used in a variety of protective wear applications such as fire fighters clothing, work wear uniforms and army combat suits, and is certified to meet all safety regulatory standards and military specifications.

Ticket: 075 Tex: 040 Ply: 3 Strength: 1007cN Needle Size: 80/12 - 90/14