Emery Scissor Sharpener ESS-100

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Emery ESS-100

Emery grinder ESS-100 , with fixed grinding arm and adjustable scissor holder.


With a movable fixed sharpening arm whose sharpening angle can be adjusted from 0 to 57 degrees, you can perfectly sharpen your own scissors. You then know exactly which angle is needed for each type of scissors and you can set it.


  • Free Floating Arm SystemFitted with sealed bearings.
  • 14”Stroke – to eliminate the need for re-clamping
  • Calibrated angle adjustment – 0°to 57°. Angle guide is printed on the machine and angles do not change as wheel wears due to true centre grinding.
  • Shears-Lock ClampOpens far enough for even very thick blades. Self-adjusts to blade bevel for more positive hold and pivots to match curve on any blade.
  • 13mm Wide Sharpening Wheel100-120 grit friable aluminum oxide grain structure prevents burning.
  • 13mm Wide Deburring WheelNylon impregnated with silicon carbide removes fine burrs, microsharpens and polishes cutting edge.


220-230V 50/60H

Packing Dimensions : 235(W) x 280(H) x 30 (D) mm
Packed Weight : 17kg

Some assembly required