Juki DU-1181N Shuffle Foot Machine

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Juki DU-1181N

The shuffle foot machine is a stable machine to sew heavier materials. Though not as heavy as a true walking foot, the materials feed better with a shuffle foot.

With its strong top and bottom feed mechanism, the machine insures the smooth feeding of hard-to-feed materials or multilayered sections of materials to achieve consistent seam quality that is free from irregular stitch pitches. The automatic lubricating mechanism dramatically improves maintainability of the machine.

  • Toothed presser feet for better feeding
  • Walking rear foot to handle heavier materials

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Model name DU-1181N
Max. sewing speed 2,000sti/min
Max. stitch length 9mm
Presser foot By knee: 15mm
Alternating vertical
Needle DP×17
  • #40~#8, B33~B92
  • Nm=90/3~30/3