Juki Household Overlocker

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The MO-114DN is the overlock sewing machine that create beautiful finished seams, with a wide variety of stitch patterns you can sew both stretchy and knit fabrics with ease. This 2-needle, 2/3/4 thread overlock is equipped with automatic rolled hemming and differential feed.


This 2-needle, 2/3/4 thread overlock is equipped with automatic rolled hemming and differential feed.


  • Adjustable presser foot pressure
  • Adjust stitch length by simply turning dial located on the exterior right-hand side within the range 1 to 4mm
  • Automatic rolled hemming
  • Cutting width can be adjusted quickly for perfect seams and rolled edges
  • Differential feed is easily controlled and adjusted by a dial located on the exterior right-hand side
  • Easy and Efficient threading
  • LED light fixture
  • Lower looper threader allows for easy threading in seconds
  • No wrapping, just follow the colour coded thread path
  • Sewing light
  • There is no need to change the throat plate or foot within the range 1 to 4mm
  • Upper looper converter option for MO-114DN
  • and more…


Sewing Speed : Maximum 1,500 spm

Number of threads : 2/3/4 Threads

Standard Overlock width : Left needle: 1.8-2.2 mm 

                                          Right needle: 3-5 mm

                                          Rolled hem? 1.8-2.2mm

Stitch length : 1-4 mm (standard 2.5mm)

Differential Feed : 0.7-2.0 Ratio

Presser foot lift : 5mm/7.5mm

Needle : 130/705H Nm 70,80,90

Light : LED

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Included Accessories

A9106-776-000-B – Spool Caps

A9109-202-000 – Tweezers

400-65952 – Cleaning Brush/Needle inserter

A9116-335-000 – Plastic Nets

A9110-776-000 – Small screwdriver

A9104-102-0A0 – Oiler

A9825-634-0A0 – 2 Thread upper looper Converter

Optional Accessories

A1501-800-0A0 – Standard Presser foot

A9810-634-0A0A – Blindstitch Presser foot (for Right needle)

A9521-634-0A0A ` – Universal Blindstitch Presser foot (for right

A9815-655 0A0A – Elasticator Presser Foot

A9820-655-0A0A – Cording Presser Foot

A9870-634-0A0A – Beading Presser foot

A9511-634-0A0A – Curved Beading Presser foot

A9865-655-0A0A – Piping Presser foot

A9860-655-0A0C – Gathering Presser foot

A9825-634-0A0 – Upper Looper converter

A910-880-L000 – Waste Collector

401-23395 – MO Attachment Set (8 pcs)


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Included Accessories


MO-114D_104D Instruction Manual


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