Juki Ruler kit HZL Type

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Ruler Kit (HZL type)

Part No. 40209956

Applicable models:HZL-UX8,DX-4000QVP,HZL-NX7,DX-3000QVP,DX-2000QVP,HZL-DX7,HZL-DX5,HZL-F600,HZL-F400,HZL-F300,HZL-G220,HZL-G120,HZL-G210,HZL-G110

This quilting ruler is used for creating a pattern while stitching along with the quilt presser foot (for ruler).

Various patterns can be formed by combining basic lines and shapes. This kit contents straight, wave, hexagon, circle, feather shapes. Be sure to use this kit together with the presser foot for ruler. The thickness of these rulers are 3mm.