Microtop MB100 Rotary Cutter 100mm 4" Octagonal Knife (MB-100

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Microtop 100mm (4") Octagonal Knife Heavy Duty Mini Cutter.

Cut the synthetic fabric without breaking, cut the single-layer and smooth-faced fabric without pulling and deforming.
Special protection does not hurt the hand and balance the safety function.
Four-roller thin base, easy to operate, lightweight.


Blade Size 100mm (4") Octagonal Blade
Cutting Height 25mm (1")
Power 100 W , 50 Hz/60 Hz
Rated Voltages

1 Phase 100V 110/120V 220/240V

*In ordering please specify voltages

Stroke Alloy
Net weight 3.5Kgs/set
Gross weight 26Kgs/6 sets/ CTN
Package Machine, Spare Blade, Power Cord, Accessories. 


*Octagon knife is standard, round knife also applicable.