Sew Tech Hoop Talent Fixtures for Maggie Frames

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Hoop Talent Hooping Fixtures MaggieFrames Magnetic Hoop

Product Introduction

1. These fixtures must be used with HoopTalent hooping station kit and 5.1"x5.1", 6.9"x6.9" or other size MaggieFrame magnetic hoop. Please buy what you lack or the whole set.
2. The fixtures will help hold and align the embroidery hoop during the hooping process, and the fixtures have magnetic backing flaps that hold your stabilizer backing in place.

Hooping Revolution - Magic of MaggieFrame Magnetic Hoop



Product Features

1. Make your embroidery hooping process faster and more accurate.
2. Time-saving, profit-building.
3. Consistent design placement every time.
4. Magnetic backing holder to keep backing in place.
5. High quality and durable design.

Product Dimension

1. M0505 Fixture x 1 (450x330x110mm/ 17.8x13x4.3inch)
2. M7272 Fixture x 1 (505x330x110 mm/ 20x13x4.3 inch)
3. Large Adjustable Fixture x 1 (345x55x30mm/13.6x2.2x1.2inch)
4. Small Adjustable Fixture x 1 (165x55x30mm/6.5x2.2x1.2inch)

Easy Using Tips

Please watch the Usage Instruction Video on the product page to find how to use this powerful product to accelerate your Embroidery Business!

How to Use 12 minute video on how to use Hoop Talent fixture