Siruba BH9820 Eyelet (Keyhole) Electronic Button Hole

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Siruba Direct-drive Programmable Electronic Eyelet Button Holer BH9820 - 

The Siruba BH9820 Eyelet (Keyhole) Electronic Button Hole Machine is designed to quickly and efficiently create keyhole buttonholes. Ideal for use in clothing production, it offers an automated stitching process with an adjustable stitch length and width. With its efficient operation, this machine will save time and money in your production.

SIRUBA BH-9820 – Electronic buttonhole machine, equipped with energy-saving servo motor built into the machine head and stepper motors controlling individual mechanisms. The machine can sew holes with or without eyelet, with knife cut before or after sewing, with concurrent or cross bartack or without, as well as round holes (a change of knife and cutting block is required). 

Basic sewing parameters include size, type of buttonhole, cutting method or sewing speed are programmed using an easy-to-use control panel (the set stitching parameters are presented in a easy graphic way). It is possible to program the shape, width, type of cut, etc. for each buttonhole type.
Quick change of the buttonhole type, without the need for difficult mechanical adjustments, gives the machine an ideal character for short series production, with high variability of patterns. The shape of the head allows longitudinal sewing of holes on long elements. Compressed air connection required.