Siruba BT-430A Electronic Direct Drive Bartack

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Siruba BT430A 

The BT-430A Siruba Electronic Programable Bartack – Take the hassle out of changing the size of your bartacks. With the BT-430 you use the panel to create the length ,width and number of stitches then set it as a saved program so you can come back to it at any time and you will get the exact same result. 


The Siruba BT-430A Series with Siruba’s own Energy saving Direct Drive servo motor and programmer. Their innovative quiet running design reduces energy consumption by up to 75%. Smooth running with reduced vibration allows for more speed, which in turn, increases productivity.

New needle bearings and special needle bar greatly reduces the risk of oil staining during sewing.

Easily create and save your custom stitch patterns or use one of the 89 pre-set patterns using touch screen colour control panel. The USB connector also allows you to upload and copy and transfer sewing patterns to other machines. 

New thread trimmer keeps the cut thread as short as possible keeping finishing trimming to a minimum.

Comes complete with generous size table and wheeled stand to make it easy for you to move around.


  • Integrated Direct Drive Motor
  • Colour touch screen with USB Port
  • Table and wheeled stand
  • Increased sewing speed
  • Dual Foot pedal
  • Improved Trimming system
  • Programable stitch patterns
  • Built in Bobbin winder
  • Reverse button and half stitch button
  • Automatic lubrication
  • Easy to use Control panel










Heavy material

Cycle program

Max. 30 sets, each set includes Max. 50 steps.

External Data storage

Inputted by USB Port


Intermittent Feeding (Pulse motor drive mode)

Height of Presser foot/ Button clamp Lifting

Max. 17mm


Standard Shuttle hook

Max. Sewing Speed

3200 SPM

Max. stitch

5000 stitch / pattern

Memory Capacity

Built-in 89 patterns, Max. 512 patterns / Max. 500,000 stitches can be added.


Direct-drive AC Servo Motor 550W


Single Phase 220V

Presser foot lifter

Pulse motor drives

Sewing area (X x Y)



Stitch length

0.05~12.7 mm


Machine Head: about 57 kg, Operation Panel: about 0.4 kg, Contro Box: about 9 kg


BT430 Brochure

BT430 Manual