Siruba LBHS-1790D Button hole Sewing Machine

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Siruba LBHS-1790D 

The LBHS-1790D is Sirubas latest Electronic High Speed Button hole machine , with servo Direct Drive , an easy to use interface with colour screen .


The Siruba LBHS-1790D Series with Siruba’s own Energy saving servo motor and controller. Their innovative quiet running design reduces energy consumption by up to 75%. Smooth running with reduced vibration allows for more speed, which in turn, increases productivity.

In standard, there are 30-hole patterns, additionally there is possibility to save 99 of your own patterns. Programmable active thread tension control system – the machine can change the thread tension in the needle during parallel sewing or during locking, in order to obtain the best shape of the buttonhole. The closed lubrication system only feeds the oil to the catcher mechanism, eliminating the possibility of spotting the material from the needle bar.

The machine allows you to make a hole in the double cycle of sewing and with a pre-stitching, which results in the highest quality holes, especially on elastic fabrics – knitwear. SIRUBA LBHS-1790D is equipped with the function of repeatedly lowering the knife, thanks to which there is no need to change the knife when changing the size of the buttonhole. There is possibility to program a cycle of stitched hole patterns.


  • Integrated Direct Drive Motor
  • Table and wheeled stand
  • Increased sewing speed
  • Built in Bobbin winder
  • Automatic lubrication
  • Stability cycle stitch
  • Knife repeat cut 


Needle system  - DPx5 (135X5) #11-#14 

Max Speed - 4200spm

Sewing Area – X=5MM Y=41MM

Standard patterns – 21

Max amount of stored patterns – 50

Max amount of stitches per program

Data storage – USB

Power supply – Single phase 110v/220v


LBHS-1790D Brochure