Tajima TMEZ-S1501C Single Head Embroidery Machine

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Tajima TMEZ-S1501C (360x500)

Single Head 15 needle Premium Embroidery Machine.

Tajima make Embroidery a breeze with this latest addition to their stable. With Automatic tensions and Automatic fabric thickness sensors this machine does the thinking for you.


Tajima have been developing this machine over the last 5 years , it finally gets its release into New Zealand . As always Tajima leads the way with superior R&D engineered to the highest quality giving us an incredibly quiet , reliable Embroidery machine that gives a finished result the other manufactures can only dream of producing.


Digitally Controlled Presser foot (DCP)

The DCP can reduce fabric fluttering that occurs during embroidery.

It is especially effective when working thick fabric, very thin fabric, and folds of material.



“Fluttering” occurs when the material is lifted up during embroidery which causes skipped stitches, miss-trimming, and reduced quality stitching.

The DCP can be adjusted randomly according to the material thickness on the operation panel. It simplifies the mechanical process that was previously required and time consuming.


i-TC – Electronic Tension

Reduction of Adjustment time

It takes time adjust the thread tension

Thread tension is easily adjusted if required.


Uneven Results from the operator are eliminated


Even the best operators find it difficult to get the tensions evenly consistent.


With i-TM even new operators can get perfect tension





Included Accessories


LED Light

Border Frame


Cap Frame 75x360

2 x Frame 120mm

2 x Frame 150mm

2 x Frame 180mm


Bobbin Winder





Talk to us about adding a Starter Pack (for new customers )

  • Madeira Embroidery Thread
  • Backing Pack
  • Loading Board
  • Embroidery Scissors
  • Pulse DG16 Software


Optional Accessories

Tubular Frames – Various Sizes

Laser Cross marker – 

To help locate Embroidery Position

Beam Sensor – Safety Device to stop the sewing for operator safety 


 Sock Frame 

(50mm x30mm)


Pocket Frame

(100mm x 75mm , 

65mm x 100mm)



For Pouches ,Tote Bags



15 Needle

Maximum Sewing Speed : 1200 rpm
Sewing Area (max.) : 360mm x 500mmmm
Weight: 95kg
Power Consumption : 160W
Power Supply : Single Phase 200-240v 50hz/60hz


Product Video

i-TM Video

DCP Video



TMEZ-SC Brochure