Typical TW1-2BL-20 Heavy Duty Walking Foot Long Arm Complete set

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Need to sew some VERY VERY heavy product – The TW1-2BL-20 (Similar but Bigger than the TW1-2B)  is the machine to do it. This machine is specifically designed to take on the product that normal walking foot machines cannot do.


Extra Heavy Duty, Single Needle, Lockstitch machine with walking foot, large bobbin & reverse. The Typical TW1-2BL20 is for extra heavy-duty sewing such as canvas horse rugs, heavy-weight leather, Side Curtain straps Heavy canvas and vinyl. It is suitable for sewing leather harnesses, traveling bags etc.


  • Large Rotary Hook and bobbin.
  • Heavy Duty Upper and Lower feeding (Walking Foot) 
  • Pedal foot lift.
  • Reverse Feed.
  • Heavy weight Balance wheel
  • Clutch motor or Digital Servo(600w) 
  • Complete on table and stand
  • Thread stand


Maximum Sewing Speed : 900 spm
Sewing Space : L510xH190

Needle Type : DDX1(328R,214x1) size 24/180 - 27/250

Max Thread Size : Metric 8 Ticket 300

Foot lift height : 13mm

Maximum Stitch Length : 13mm

Included Accessories

4 x Bobbins

1 x Packet of needles



Screw driver


TW1-2BL20 Parts List and Instruction