Union Portable Sewer- Battery Operated (Tool only)

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2200M18 – Tool Only 

Rechargeable Battery Operated, Portable Bag Closer with combined Top and Bottom Feed, Special Sewing Parts for fast, consistent Sewing of Bags and Geo Fabrics

For operation in locations where no electricity is available. For joining geotextile support fabrics at construction sites, for closing bags made of paper, jute, cotton and plastic, in agricultural areas, areas endangered by floods etc.

Powered by a 24-volt, 120 watt DC-motor. Power supply by lithium-ion plug-in rechargeable battery at the motor.

Stable structure. Production capability with fully charged batteries approx. 600 - 800 bags, depending upon type of material, number of plies, stitch length and width of bags.

Sewing capacity, up to 9 mm or up to 24 plies of paper.

Battery and charger NOT SUPPLIED - Uses Milwaukee M18 Battery and charger, we can source this for you, or you can purchase directly from your local Milwaukee agent

Equipped with:

  • Extra heavy top and bottom feed
  • Heavy duty looper with large eyes
  • Large thread cone stand
  • Easy access for needle adjustment
  • Large size needle (9854G230/090)


  • Number of threads - Two 
  • Stitch Length - 3-9mm
  • Thread Chain cutter - included
  • Speed 1500 spm