Yao Han N600A-12V-BTN Bag Closer - Battery

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Production information
Model:N600A-12V-BTN|Portable Bag Closer

1. Anti-explosion nano-polymeric battery.

2. Super storage capacity stitches 400 
    bags per charge.

3. Latest integrated circuit plate lowers 
     losses and lengthens battery life.

4. Built-in protection circuit for preventing 
    over charging or over discharging.

5. Built-in“Charge Stop”feature protects 
    the battery from overheating.

6. Built-in ON/OFF switch keeps stitching 

7. Able to be mounted for better 

8. LED indicator for charging and power 

9.  Charging time 4~5 hours..

Single thread Portable Bag Closer with Battery



N600A12VBTN  Youtube Video



Bag Closing Thread

Yao Han 2-Thread Cones Portable Bag Closer