Yao Han FN600A Bag Sewer mounted on sliding table

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Yao Han Single thread bag sewer mounted on an adjustable pedestal with a sliding board for easy and consistent sewing finish on your bag .


Production information

FN600A|Bag Closer with Sliding Plate(1-thread)


  • The pedestal is adjustable up to 85cm suitable for a variety of size of bags. Track length 120cm.
  • Sliding plate with grooved wheels for easy motion.
  • Track is constructed of heavy-grooved angle iron with rigid cross-brakes to prevent slippage occurred.
  • Foot Switch controls sewing head to start and stop.

Size : L125 x W55 x H130cm


Model FN600A
Thread 1
Speed 1500 r.p.m.
Stitch 7.2 mm
Needle DN x 1 #25
Cutter Mechanical Thread Cutter
N.W. 55.1 Kg
G.W. 55.5 Kg