Genuine Juki Sewing Machine DDL-7000AS-7 Automatic Plain sewer Direct Drive

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Juki DDL-7000AS-7 

1-needle, Direct-drive, Industrial Lockstitch Sewing Machine with Automatic Thread Trimmer for Medium-Weight Materials

To be sure you are getting a Genuine Juki product and factory backed warranty's purchase your Juki machine directly from New Zealand's only Authorized Juki Agent - Sewingtime NZ Ltd.

Been quoted a cheaper price ? (From NZ Supplier) Call us , we will look to match or better it and you know you are getting a Genuine Juki Machine.


The Juki DDL-7000A is perfect for sewing light to medium weight fabrics like polyester, cotton, wools, etc. This machine is equipped with a direct-drive motor, 13mm presser foot lift height, easy-adjustable stitch dial and is part of Juki's ECO product range. This machine also has automatic functions like thread trimming, backtack and foot lift (optional), all of which are functions that greatly improve efficiency and productivity. 


  • 1-needle (16x231 needle system)
  • Drop-feed
  • Direct-drive motor
  • Automatic functions (thread trimmer, backtack, footlift (optional))
  • In-built control panel
  • High-speed sewing performance (5,000 sti/min)
  • Stitch length adjustment up to 5mm
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Assembled complete with top and wheeled stand


  • Max. sewing speed - 4,500 sti/min
  • Max. stitch length - 5mm
  • Max. presser foot lift - 13mm (by knee)
  • Side-loading bobbin - 212932909 
  • Needle System - (16x231 Size 80-110) 

Energy-saving servomotor - Direct Drive.

The energy-saving and highly efficient servomotor delivers smooth power , strong penetration , and greater control

Control box and operation panel.

The control box and the operation panel are integrated with the machine head. 

Provided as standard with LED lighting.

Since the LED lights cast their light exactly downward to illuminate the needle entry area from the right and left sides of the needle bar, sewing work can be carried out more easily as compared with the use of light from one direction. In addition, the illuminance of the LED lights can be adjusted in five steps and can be used as an auxiliary light for work.

Highly-functional touch-back switch.

JUKI's sewing machine which is provided with a thread trimmer is also provided as standard with the renowned needle breakage preventing function. The main shaft angle control works to prevent needle breakage even when the touch-back switch is used to perform reverse feed stitching. The height of the touch-back switch is adjustable according to the items to be sewn.

Supplied with bobbins , needles , screwdrivers, instruction manual 

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Juki DDL-7000A Brochure

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Juki DDL-7000A Instruction Manual