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Sewingtime stocks the latest industrial sewing machines. Whether you’re after an industrial Juki machine in New Zealand or any other world-class brand like JIN ,BrotherSiruba, Pfaff , Seiko , Typical  we can provide a machine that does the job you need it to do. And such is the quality and reliability of that machine, it will keep on doing what you need it to do.

We don’t expect you to buy sight unseen. Many of our industrial machines are set up in our showroom so you can test-drive before you buy. We recommend you bring in a sample of your work so we can help you select the right machine to suit the type of work you do. We have all the accessories you require as well. And for ongoing performance and reliability, our trained technicians are always on hand to carry out comprehensive maintenance and a prompt service when required.

Sewing, overlocking, bag closing - whatever you need a machine for, you can be sure that we’ll have it. Take a look at our extensive range and contact us to find out more about the machine that meets your requirements. We’ll happily answer all your questions because it is our business to help you find the best machine for your business.

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Industrial Sewing Machine FAQ

What is the difference between domestic and industrial sewing machines?

You’d be forgiven for thinking that domestic and industrial sewing machines are essentially the same. In fact, in some ways they are. They share similarities such as their components and the way they sew, but there are stark differences in terms of their uses. Domestic sewing machines are flexible, made to deal with lighter household fabrics for shorter periods of time. Industrial sewing machines on the other hand have huge motors to deal with hours of repetitive work on larger, heavier fabrics. Usually, industrial machines focus on specific tasks for hours on end.

Why is an industrial sewing machine better?

If your use involves sewing repetitively for several hours at a time, you would benefit from having an industrial sewing machine. They are much more durable in dealing with this heavy workload and would make things easier for you. Industrial machines are made to last longer and work harder.

Which sewing machine is best for industrial use?

In order to choose the perfect industrial sewing machine, you must first consider its uses. What do you require it to do and how heavy will the workload be? Following this, contact our team to help you decide on which machine is the best for you. We only stock the world’s most trusted and reliable brands such as; Brother, Juki, Siruba and more. The quality of these machines can make all the difference.